If you are new to the area, new to gravel riding or are just looking for some new routes, you have come to the right place.  Take a look at the routes and links below to access previous routes.  If you are not finding what you are looking for feel free to drop us an email!  Also, we will gladly build custom routes!

Gravel Series Route Library

2020 marks the 4th running of the Black Hills Gravel Series, and to date, each event has had a different route.  In the space below, you will find all routes previously used in the Gravel Series!  

You do not need to have the Ride With GPS app on your phone in order to use these routes, but that works pretty well also.  Instead, you can view them on your computer and download to your favorite GPS.  Ride With GPS has a great help guide on exporting various files to your GPS unit, just click the link below. 

If you do not own a GPS unit, you can use the cuesheets available from the Google Drive link below and a cycling computer.  


The Green routes used to be known as the Starter routes and are perfect for just that.  These routes are great for people just starting out riding gravel, riding as families or if you are just short on time. 


The Blue Routes were originally called the Social Routes and they are just the right length for those looking to get a couple hour ride or socially ride with friends.  


The Black Routes were formerly known as the Scenic Routes.  These are multiple hour excursions on gravel.  These may also include a higher level of difficulty such as tougher hills and rough road connectors. 


The following website utilizes DOT information to show major gravel roads in both North and South Dakota.  Use this as a resource when planning your next gravel outing! 

Forest Service Maps

The Black Hills National Forest is divided into 4 separate ranger districts with each having their own flavor.  Due to heavy logging and the rich mining history, there are many roads scribbled across the national forest.  If you are looking to ride in the heart of the hills on some of the lesser traveled roads, trails and connectors, take a look at the following Motor Vehicle Use Maps or the Recreation maps put out by the forest service and start riding!

You can also download these maps to your smartphone and use with the Avenza map app which utilizes GPS to show your realtime location. 

Trails, Routes, Challenges

Mickelson Trail

The Mickelson Trail is a real backyard gem.  It slices through the heart of the Black Hills for a total of 109 miles. This rails to trails project was completed in 1998 and features 100 converted bridges, 4 rock tunnels and 15 trailheads. 

Day use passes can be purchased at each of the trailheads or you can buy an annual pass online. 


All routes provided are intended for individual use only.  All route users are accepting full responsibility for riding on open roads