No known standing group gravel rides at this time.  If you are hosting a group ride, reach out and let us know!  Another good place to post or check for rides is on the Facebook group. 


Events are a great way to test yourself, try something new and gather as a cycling community!  The following is a working list of all the local gravel events within a 4 hour drive. Check back often, as the information will be updated as it is know.  If you are hosting an event and want it listed, please reach out to us!

*Due to COVID-19 pandemic precautions, many of the race directors are moving event dates, so please check back often. 


A grassroots cycling event put on by the Burleigh County Bicycle Cult takes you on a tour of fine North Dakota gravel.  The event is in it's 9th year and only has a few spots left!

Location: Bismarck, ND 

Route Distances: 36, 75

Registration Opens: Open!

Registration Closes: May 8th

MAY 24

Did you know there is a Badlands of North Dakota?  This gravel event takes you on rugged roads through them.  

Location: Medora, ND

Route Distances: 39, 77, 120

Registration Opens: Open!

Registration Closes: May 23rd @ 5:00 PM

June 13

The original gravel event in the Black Hills is put on by the Ridge Riders, the same folks that have been bringing the Dakota 5-0 for 20 years.  This event showcases the great northern hills and will be sure to test your limits!  

Location: Spearfish, SD

Route Distances: 45 (NEW!), 70, 110, 210

Registration Opens: Open!

Registration Closes: June 6th

The Big Mick
June 20

The Big Mick is back!  Here is your chance to ride the full Mickelson Trail in one day!

Location: Deadwood, SD

Route Distances: 109 / 49 

Registration Opens: Open Now 

Registration Closes: Unknown


This event route traverses a portion of the American 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps ride from Missoula, MT to St. Louis, MO.  Open prairie and great valley views await. 

Location: Gillette, WY

Route Distances: 25, 55, 135

Registration Opens: Open Now

Registration Closes: June 25


Back for year two is one "Shell of a Ride" from the same crew that brings you the Dead Swede but on the other side of the Big Horns.  

Location: Shell, WY

Route Distances: 20, 56, 90 

Registration Opens: June 1

Registration Closes: Day Of

Wheelin' To Wall
September 26

Near the Black Hills is the Badlands National Park and it is worth exploring!  With options for gravel and pavement at multiple route distances, there's something for everyone. 

Location: Wall, SD

Route Distances: Multiple Road and Gravel 

Registration Opens: June 1st

Registration Closes: 

Robidoux Quick n Dirty
September 20th

This event showcases the sandstone bluffs of Nebraska where Oregon Trail travelers once navigated their covered wagons. Check it out! 

Location: Gering, NE

Route Distances: 25, 65, 100

Registration Opens: Open!

Registration Closes: August 30th

October 3rd

Showcasing the eastern side of the Bighorn Mountains, the Dead Swede combines gravel, forest road and some singletrack for those looking for a challenge with a heck of an afterparty. 

Location: Sheridan, WY

Route Distances: 20, 40, 60, 100 

Registration Opens: March 1st

Registration Closes: Unknown

Stay in the loop!

All routes provided are intended for individual use only.  All route users are accepting full responsibility for riding on open roads